Who We Are

Who We Are

Formally established in 1973, F&C Group is a family-owned business company, the Florete and Caperonce that holds a collection of companies in different industries in the Philippines. Over 100 establishments, brands and branches nationwide.


F&C Group was founded on October 15, 1973 by Marcelino M. Florete, Jr. together with his wife, Susan Caperonce-Florete. F&C Group had its humble beginnings with the opening of its first branch of F&C Pawnshop and Jewelry at 73 Guanco Street, Iloilo City. In the succeeding years, the business has emerged and strategically branched out all over the Philippines while involving four of their children into the company. This success has motivated them to aggressively expand their ventures to different industries and parts of the country. From its pawnshop and jewelry business it ventured into real estate, restaurants, food brands, city staycations to island getaways, F&C Group provides a variety of services, creations and heartfelt hospitality that is truly Filipino.

In the same location, their first branch has now become the head office of the F&C Group. Up to this time, the company has been expanding with over 100 establishments, brands and branches, operating with more than1,500 employees nationwide. Growing its companies throughout the country is F&C Group’s top priority as they embrace a steady, aggressive pace of growth, opening new properties in strategic and emerging markets.

Our Mission

We, at F&C Group of Companies aim to provide the best value to our customer by committing to ourselves to quality merchandise and exceptional services.

We strive to be leader in the field by combining the latest technology advances in the business at the most reasonable prices.

We endeavour to contribute to the growth of its employees as persons and assists in the development of the community where it belongs and the advancement of the industry.

From its founder to future generations, F and C Group of Companies will always strive to live up to its pledge of excellence by pooling together its resources and energies.

A Tireless Passion for Pursuing Excellence

The seeds that have been planted by Marcelino, Jr. and wife Susan have flourished into the conglomerate it is today. More the material considerations, it is hard work, discipline and perseverance that the couple considers the most valuable assets that they are transmitting into the next generation.

The tradition for hard work and excellence has transcended into the next generation. Marcelino Florete, III, a Masters in Business Administration graduate of the Regis Program of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business and likewise an accountancy graduate from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. He is the Executive Vice President for Audit and Finance for the whole F&C Group. On the other hand, Marissa Florete-Gorriceta heads the Marketing for the jewelry division is a graduate of Business Administration major in Marketing from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. Marjorie Florete is a graduate gemologist from GIA and Vice President for Sales of F&C Jewelry and a Management graduate of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. Atty. Mary Christine Salome Florete is a lawyer and is helping with the legal concerns of the company. She graduated from St. Paul University in Iloilo and finished her law studies from the University of Iloilo.

F&C Group is committed to growth and community development by generating jobs, providing superb services and value to all its stakeholders. Together with its team of talented strategists, they make an effort take advantage of whatever peaks and valleys the political-economic environment has to offer. From its humble beginnings back in the 1970’s, the F&C Group looks beyond the future breaking through any potential industry that may come their way.

Our Businesses


The Jewelry Milestones

F&C Jewelry was established in 1973 by spouses Marcelino M. Florete, Jr. and Susan Caperonce-Florete, whose personal experience with jewelry making is a long standing family tradition: her mother, who hails from Bulacan, is a known jeweler in Iloilo. F&C Jewelry is a leader in jewelry making and retail all over the country with a proud heritage and impeccable reputation for integrity. Decades of creating beautiful pieces with a tradition in craftsmanship and a culture of trust has built a legion of loyal clients from F&C.
There are over 50 branches of F&C Jewelry nationwide, with rapid expansion happening in the 1990s when they became consignor for the SM Store chain. F&C Jewelry is known for specialty jewelry for milestone occasions to gorgeous pieces for everyday adornment – both good investment and valuable touchstones that last a lifetime.

F&C Jewelry is a jeweler retailer, whose merchandise offerings include an extensive selection of jewelry and accessories. With an abiding passion for the most beautiful diamonds in the world, F&C Jewelry is engaged in product design, manufacturing and retailing activities. Operating either as stand-alone jewelry stores in and out of major malls throughout the country. With over 50 outlets nationwide, F&C Jewelry is one of the leading retailers of jewelry in the Philippines and the major jeweler inside the country’s biggest department store operator, SM Store.


To pursue its commitment to quality jewelry, F&C has spawned Argento, a jeweler retailer of quality sterling silver. Sterling silver, having 92.5% silver, is the only silver allowed by international law to be named sterling silver – signifying that it is of genuine and high quality. Sterling silver is also made with 7.5% copper from alloy to reinforce the item against normal wear and tear. Sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925 – thus the name Argento 925 Silver. Argento offers a wide selection of sterling silver jewelry and accessories.


House of Pearls is a haven of quality pearls. Pearls have always been a symbol of beauty and rarity. Derived from the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk, pearls are hard to find. It takes immense expertise to culture fine quality pearls. And as authorities in the field of excellent and quality jewelry, F&C spawned House of Pearls. The House of Pearls is an interesting addition to the powerhouse jewelry collections of F&C Group of Companies.


Fortune Jeweller is a jewelry kiosk located at Robinsons Place Iloilo and Robinsons Place Jaro, Iloilo City. It is a collective of fine jewelry and includes an extensive range of selection at a reasonable price. Fortune Jewellers will soon expand to other areas in the Visayas, this will include locations in Tacloban and Dumaguete.

Hotels and Resorts

F&C Hotels and Resorts provide quality hotels and resorts in remarkable Philippine destinations for 15 years. Owning and/or managing seven (7) establishments throughout the country namely Estacio Uno Boracay, Boracay Uptown, Bohol Shores, Chalet Baguio, Cebu Business Hotel and Riverside Inn Iloilo. With a robust expansion plan in place, a new resort is under development and will soon rise up in the unexplored paradise of Kaniki Island in Busuanga, Palawan. A 31-hectare beach island into five resort hotels, their biggest upcoming project.

The Hospitality Milestones


In 1999, F&C Hotels and Resorts first established Cebu Business Hotel distinctively located in the heart of the business district and downtown commercial area of Cebu City. Inspired by its classic design with a touch of modern ambiance, Cebu Business Hotel is proud to provide a venue suited to meet the needs of the guests who stay for business, conference and meeting, or simply as tourists and travelers.


In 2007, Riverside Inn was established in the Iloilo City’s business and social hub and proximate to local government institutions. Inspired by modern design and built to provide a cozy ambiance.


In 2011,Chalet Baguio is an exquisite boutique hotel established and situated close to the numerous tourist attractions in Baguio City. From fresh strawberry picking to hunting for great finds at the night flea markets or visiting alluring popular attractions and nightlife venues, it is indeed an ideal place to stay at. Chalet Baguio flaunts soothing ambiance with its interiors of wood accents and neutral colors, plus the stunning view of lush green sceneries and mountains.


In the same year, F&C Hotels and Resorts also established the premier lifestyle resort in the deluxe location of Station 1, Estacio Uno. Inspired by the Mediterranean architecture, Estacio Uno showcases the clean and serene ambiance with its modern concrete frames, wide patio terrace, at the edge of the floor to ceiling glass windows and contemporary swimming pool that wraps around the resort. The resort was constructed in a prime white beach along the Sulu Sea and distinctively located near to the well-known rock formation in Boracay, the Willy’s Rock also known as the Boracay Grotto. Estacio Uno is strategically located in a quiet and serene area of the island with a wide beach front where the grandest and breathtaking view of the sunset can be seen. To cater the growing number of tourists, Estacio Uno is up for expansion. The first phase is currently under construction and the resort's expansion will be completed in 2019, tentatively.


In 2013, F&C Hotels and Resorts created Boracay Uptown with modern architecture and vibrant colours in the liveliest and happiest white beach location of Boracay, the Station 2. It’s a funky town inside Boracay Uptown rooms, the fun colors splashed on the walls and vibrant bed linens is balanced by wooden cabinets and tables add up the sand-like hues of the in-room hammock. To make it more exciting and fun, the resort was distinctively established with 2 swimming pools, a bar, and a variety of local and international restaurants. Boracay Uptown, in contrast to Estacio Uno, is strategically located in the heart of Boracay's robust nightlife.


In 2015, Bohol Shores was distinctively established in the paradise of Panglao Island in Bohol. Inspired by the fusion of Philippine native and modern architecture, the resort showcases the fresh and serene ambiance with its fine wood accents, neutral colors, exquisite casitas/villas, and sophisticated facilities and uniquely designed 2,500 sqm. beach pool. Feel right at home with its expansive beds, modern entertainment and luxurious baths intended for your every need. Bohol Shore will be up for expansion to cater more clients.


Soon, a marvelous multi-resort will be established in the unexplored paradise of Kaniki Island located in Busuanga, Palawan. Palawan is known for its many tourist attractions and array of adventurous activities. Truly a luxurious tropical abode of serenity, relaxation, fun and excitement.

Real Estate

F&C Group owns and operates office buildings and real estate properties that generate rental income in Manila, Cebu, Boracay and Iloilo City.  F&C owns office buildings and real estate properties in Quiapo, Divisoria, and along Arnaiz Avenue in Makati-  solely and partly owned. The group likewise owns properties in downtown Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo City, and a roster of hotels in Boracay.


F&C Group runs eight Spanish Restaurants under the trade name of Dulcinea in Ayala Malls, SM Malls, Alimall, Baguio and Boracay. As the biggest franchisee of the Sbarro brand – a US Pizza and Pasta brand – in the Philippines, the company has 32 operating restaurants nationwide. Other restaurant brands owned by the company as a franchisee are Hukad and Mang Inasal. Also owned is Paraiso Grill, a seafood restaurant in Boracay.

Dulcinea on the other hand, is a 100% company owned outfit with the aim of preserving authentic Spanish-style dining. F&C Group acquired Dulcinea on December 11, 2008 with locations in Manila, Baguio, Boracay and Iloilo. The heritage-inspired brand maintains its feel by adhering to traditional Hispanic recipes. The brand continues to evolve as it also attempts to penetrate strategic locations in order to broaden its segments. A revamp of Dulcinea has been underway as it built a new commissary to preserve the Iberian flavors that customers love. Organic ice cream has been added to its menu to attract a more health conscious segment of the market.

Paraiso Bar and Grill offers no less than the endless bounty of the archipelagic nation. Serving only the freshest live catch in the country’s most abundant deep-sea fishing grounds, Paraiso Grill promises each patron that they would want to keep on coming back for more. From lobsters to oysters that feel like silk on the palate, this originally conceptualized brand commands loyalty from locals and tourists alike.


F&C Group is the franchisee of five brands, namely: Sbarro, Mang Inasal, Hukad, and recently acquired franchises Buca di Beppo and Earl of Sandwich. As the biggest franchisee of the Sbarro brand – a US Pizza and Pasta brand – in the Philippines, the company has 32 operating restaurants nationwide. Other restaurant brands owned by the company as a franchisee are Filipino brands Hukad and Mang Inasal, Italian-American brand Buca di Beppo, and American brand Earl of Sandwich.


Sbarro is an international Italian-American food chain franchised by the F&C Group food division sometime in the 1990’s. Sbarro is a brand with 60 years of experience bringing Italian favorites to customer’s world wide. As testament to that the food division has forayed the franchise in areas such as Metro Cebu, Metro Manila, Iloilo City, Bacolod City and Luzon. The Sbarro brand now accounts for more than 30 branches around the Philippines.

Mang Inasal is a franchise specializing in Visayan-style chicken barbeque known as Inasal and is also known for their unlimited rice promos popular among middle-class Filipinos. The group has known two stores at Plaza Miranda nestled in the old charming City of Manila. The stores are right across the historic Quiapo Church. Another franchise was recently opened at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.


Hukad is a Cebuano term for ladle or a spoon-shaped vessel with a long handle. It is often used to transfer rice from a bigger receptacle to an individual plate. True to its name, Hukad is one of the latest additions to the F&C Group food division to its portfolio that serves unlimited rice with the use of a Hukad. It features the best gastronomic feasts Central Visayas has to offer. Originally from Cebu, Hukad may be found in SM Bacolod and SM Iloilo.


Buca di Beppo, translated 'Joe's Basement', is an American restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American food. Buca di Beppo is one of the newest franchise acquisitions, with F&C Group of Companies owning the master franchise of the brand in the Philippines. Authentic Italian food, eclectic design, fun and enthusiasm are some of the words that best describes Buca di Beppo with dishes served family-style, shared by the entire table, and inspired by the cuisine relished in Italian villages for generations.


With origins in 1762, Earl of Sandwich has over 250 years of experience in making delicious and praiseworthy sandwiches. The secret is in their artisan bread baked when ordered, and traditional family recipes prepared with fresh ingredients. Earl of Sandwich is based in Orlando, Florida and has a number of locations in different U.S. states, Great Britain, Paris, Middle East, and now here in the Philippines under the management of F&C Group. It is among the newest franchise acquisitions, with F&C Group of Companies acquiring rights to the Philippine master franchise of Earl of Sandwich.